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Founder and business owner:
Julia Fuhrmann

Sworn graduate translator for the English and French language
Accredited by the Higher Regional Court of Cologne

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Other languages upon request.

Services & Competence

Solid legal expertise combined with excellent foreign language knowledge: Professional high-quality translations - from experts to experts


Excellent foreign language knowledge as well as solid specialised legal expertise are essential for producing translations that are legally accurate and of high linguistic and technical quality.

legal language® is based on a proven network of professionals with a dual legal-linguistic qualification. Our legal translations are produced exclusively by lawyers / attorneys-at-law, legal practitioners, accredited graduate translators or professional translators with a legal degree and a background of native speaker where required.

Established in 2004, legal language® has been delivering professional legal translations to a large satisfied client base for more than 16 years. We are a reliable partner to medium-scale and large-scale law firms and enterprises both in Germany and abroad, providing legal translations in all practice areas.


In order that all relevant legal aspects of the source text are correctly translated in the target language, it is absolutely necessary to pay careful attention to the differences in the legal systems, structures, concepts and peculiarities by means of precise terminology work and research as well as inclusion of explanatory notes and definitions where needed. In many ways the German legal system is incomparable – numerous specifically German legal terms pose a serious challenge to the translator, who aims to render them correctly and yet in such a way that can be understood in the target language by the foreign business partner. Naturally the reverse applies and knowledge of the respective foreign legal system is also essential to guarantee high-quality translations. With the trademark legal language® we stand for translations that are not only linguistically and substantively competent, high quality, and delivered on time, but also for stylistically appropriate translations subject to the strictest confidentiality and with absolute punctuality – even with the shortest of deadlines.

Sworn translators - Certified translations

If desired or necessary, you will receive certified translations “signed and sealed”: This means that the translations are marked with the certification by a sworn translator that the translation of the text submitted is correct and complete. These are “certified” translations as may be demanded by government agencies and courts, e.g. when recording companies in the commercial register or for filing or submission to the court for the purposes of litigation involving parties abroad.

Portfolio / Practice areas

We support cross-border projects and transactions in all fields of law:

Auditing / Wirtschaftsprüfung

Antitrust / Kartellrecht

Banking & Finance / Banken & Finanzen

Commercial Law / Wirtschaftsrecht


Copyright / Urheberrecht

Data Protection & Privacy / Privacy Policies / General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) / Datenschutz

Due Diligence


Employment / (Individual-) Arbeitsrecht

Energy & Environment / Energie & Umwelt

Information Technology / Informationstechnologie (IT)

Industrial Property / Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz

Intellectual Property (IP) / Geistiges Eigentum

Internet / Internetrecht

Labour / (Kollektiv-) Arbeitsrecht

Litigation / Prozessrecht

Mergers & Acquisitions / Zusammenschlüsse & Fusionen

Public Procurement / Vergaberecht

Real Estate / Immobilienrecht

Regulatory / Aufsicht & Regulierung

Tax / Steuerrecht

Unfair Competition / Wettbewerbsrecht

… and much more


Julia Fuhrmann
Attorney-at-law and sworn graduate translator (Diplom-Übersetzerin)

Degree (Diplom-Übersetzerin) in Translation English + French, University of Cologne.
Law studies, University of Cologne
2000 & 2003
First and second bar exams 2000 (assessor) and 2003 (attorney-at-law)
2000 & 2003
Staff attorney at a major Cologne law firm

Establishment of the law firm Julia Fuhrmann and the legal translations business under the trademark legal language®

Co-Author of “Treffpunkt Text – Das Handbuch für Freie in Medienberufen”, Contribution: “Alles, was Recht ist” (Bramann Verlag, 15/06/2006) – a handbook for freelancers and those working in the Media
2010 – 2011
Adjunct lecturer for legal English on the Cologne University of Applied Sciences (2010-2011)
2010 – 2011
Co-Author (drafting of model translations) of „Liebers – Formularbuch des Fachanwalts – Arbeitsrecht“ (a handbook for labour and employment law), (Luchterhand Verlag – Wolters Kluwer, 5th edition 2019)
seit 1996
Sworn translator accredited by the Higher Regional Court (OLG) of Cologne since 1996
seit 1996

Legal career – Attorney-at-law

Law firm: Klette, Cologne (alongside of legal studies)

Work focus: Competition and trademark law in combination with general civil law.

Administrative clerkship at the University of Cologne

Work focus: General administrative law, Disciplinary law, Data protection law, State aid law.

Law firm Mülfahrt & Hochhausen, Cologne offices

Work focus: General civil law, in particular contract, claims and warranty law; Public law, in particular general administrative law, building law, municipal charges law, government liability law.

Staff attorney at the law firm CBH – Cornelius, Bartenbach, Haesemann & Partner, Cologne offices

Work focus: industrial property rights, in particular competition law, trademarks, media and press law, Internet and domain law as well as copyright, in combination with general civil law, in part closely related to public law and criminal law.

Establishment of the law firm Julia Fuhrmann

Memberships: Kölner AnwaltVerein (Cologne Bar Association), Deutscher AnwaltVerein (German Bar Association)

Client references

Since 1996 – since 2004 with the trademark legal language® – we have been a professional partner to a large client base in Germany including the German metropolitan areas Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne and Frankfurt on the Main, and to law firms and enterprises in various European countries and in the USA. Our service portfolio comprises all legal practice areas and all issues relating to commercial business and politics.

Do not hesitate to contact us for an extract from our client reference list.


legal language®​

Julia Fuhrmann

Attorney-at-law + sworn graduate translator